#1 Only sex sites
I accept only sites with sexual content. The only exceptions are:
a) General Searchengines
because they offer sexual results, too
b) Celebrities
because they usually have erotic pictures, too
c) For Webmasters
because what's good for webmasters is good for adult webmasters, too

I don't link to gambling sites. Gambling sites add their link at casinochecker or at 14g, not here.
Only English sites. German sites can be added at anus8.com.

#2 No crap

Examples of crappy sites:

  1. Sites with 3 pop-up windows and more
    (e.g. when entering or leaving)
  2. Pages consisting mostly of banners
    (except for toplists, of course)
  3. Sites you cannot close

If you have such a site, then go to this Adult Toplist and add your site there. Toplists are usually more generous.

#3 Hardcore must be AVS-protected
If you offer hardcore, then it must be protected by an Adult Verification System (e.g. CyberAge, Adultcheck, ...)

#4 You have to link back to "www.adultoo.com"

Important: FIRST put the link to us on your page THEN add your site.
An automatic software will check your site regularily for the backlink.

This secures that
a) you are still online
b) you are the webmaster